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Title : Pilgrimage to Sabarimala
Author : K. R. Vaidyanathan
Pages : 194
Price : R 175
ISBN : 978-81-7276-511-8
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About the book:

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The book is good for all devotees and pilgrims of Lord Ayyappa. It makes the reader feel as if himself is on a visit to Mount Sabari. The book has answered all questions that rise in the minds of readers-whether they are new ones, skeptics, laymen or devotees. The legend of the origin of the holy pilgrimage, the adventurous trek, the significance of the journey are informative.
'Swamiye, saranam Ayyappa' shout thousands of devotees who make this pilgrimage to Sabari after 41 days of penance and austerity. They carry a two compartment bag called Irumudi as they climb the Sabarimala hills. And only then can they ascend the 18 steps to the sanctum. No women between puberty and menopause are allowed. The book tells all the tales associated with Lord Ayyappa and the pilgrimage to Sabarimala. How Ayyappa was born from the union of Vishnu(as Mohini) and Shiva, why all Hindu pilgrimages lead one to beautiful surroundings generally on top of hills like Sabari, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Tirupati etc. is told in this book. The flow of devotees has increased almost ten fold in the last decade and this has made the author add one more chapter to the book about the latest information, the facilities offered and the changes that have taken place in recent times. Today the pilgrims come from outside India as well and there is no discrimination between communities or castes.

About The Author : K. R. Vaidyanathan :
K R Vaidyanathan was an accomplished writer who had specialized in writing about temples, legends and worship of God. His other books include 'Pilgrimage to Sabari' and Temples and legends of Kerala' He retired from the Indian Railways after forty years and has authored a book on railway humour.

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