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Title : Towards Rural Industrialisation
Author : L K Bharatiya
Pages : 178
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About the book:

The book is concerned with the socio economic study of the khadi and village industries which played a significant role in the political field prior to independence. They have given occupations to lakhs of people, and helped and supported a special relationship pattern. The historical background of the industries has been studied and adequate research has been done while bringing out this book.
Rural industrialization was something very close to Gandhiji's heart and it is our heritage. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission conducted the survey which is the backbone of this book. Gandhiji felt that being self sufficient through development of small scale industries would help in the fight for independence. It is a positive book. It consists of two parts, the first one dealing with the foundation of socio-economic structure of India, the fall and rise of the Rural Industry sector, Gandhian economics and its relevance to present situation and other such topics. The second part consists of the industries and their centers, employment, wages, and working conditions, women workers, relations with village people, inter action among workers and so on.

About The Author : L K Bharatiya :
Dr Bharatiya has worked with Gandhiji in his constructive programmes and has edited 'Sarvodaya', 'Bhoodan Yajna', 'Khadigramodyog' and others. He was a freedom fighter and was in close contact with Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave.