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Title : The Art of Life in the Bhagvad Gita
Author : H.V. Divatia
Pages : 164
Price : R 35
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About the book:

The Gita is a treatise on the art of Life. This is the true significance of its message, and this is the point of view from which this book discusses its teachings.
The book describes in ten concise but scholarly chapters the psychology, epistemology, cosmology, metaphysics and ethics of the Gita, concluding with a Chapter discussing how far modern science confirms the philosophy of life in the Gita. At the same time the author's knowledge of the theories of Western Philosophy has enabled him to compare the Gita's teachings with the conclusions arrived at by modern Western scholars.

About The Author : H.V. Divatia :
Sir Harsidbhai Vajubhai Divatia, is an eminent jurist with a brilliant career in law, which led to his appointment as a Puisne Judge of the Bombay High Court. As President of the Bombay Industrial Court he made a significant contribution to the development of industrial legislation in India.