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Title : Bhagvad Gita: Gospel of Hinduism for Householders
Author : Yadav Nandan
Pages : 189
Price : R 180
ISBN : 81-7276-165-1
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About the book:

A gospel is generally supposed to be meant for Saints and seekers of God. But the Gita is something much more. It is a gospel of Hinduism for householders. This is its importance, as brought out by the present book.
This book highlights the fact that Arjuna symbolizes a common householder beset by doubts about his duty. In the questions he puts to Lord Krishna we see our own problems. So the answers in the Gita appeal to us as valuable guidelines for day to day life. The introductory part of the book as well as the explanatory comments on the hundred verses selected by the author show his deep understanding of the Gita's philosophy, as also his ability to relate it to the common man's everyday life.

About The Author : Yadav Nandan :
Yadav Nandan, a deep student of the Gita, had been an active participant in the freedom movement under Gandhijiís leadership. He is also the founder of a couple of social service trusts.