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Title : Gods,Angels and Demons from the Mahabharata
Author : S K Chaudhri
Pages : 75
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About the book:

The essence of Mahabharata is that dharma is always victorious and adharma will always be vanquished. This book deals principally with the prominent people of Mahabharata, the rulers, the sages, the heroes, teachers and the divine incarnations. However it is not only the characters directly written in Mahabharata that have found their way in this edition, Brahma, Sanatkumaras, Maharshis, Manu, Narada, Daksha, Vasus and others have also been written about and analyses.
The book tells in a very simple language all the important stories associated with Mahabharata, including those of Dushyanta and Shakuntala, Yayati and Devyani and others. Illustrations, pictures and a glossary at the end simpl;ifies the book further. However, even the story of Mahabharata and the main characters have been dealt with in a similar manner without too many details. The book is interesting even to an absolute novice who has not heard of any characters of the Mahabharata.

About The Author : S K Chaudhri :
S K Chaudhri is an IAS officer with an affinity for literature.