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Title : A Layman's Bhagavad Gita (Vol. I)
Author : A. S. P. Ayyar
Pages : 259
Price : R 135
ISBN : 81-7276-226-7
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About the book:

This book of translation of and commentary on the Gita is a scholarly attempt to explain this supreme scripture of Hinduism to the modern generation of laymen not acquainted with philosophical concepts and terms and bring home to them its priceless teachings.
In these volumes the learned author shows how the Gita is a book of life, not of death and the hereafter, and as such it is not for mere ascetics and hermits but for men engaged in wordly pursuits who need everyday guidance. The general introduction to the first volume and the explanatory comments on the verses in both volumes are an impressive blend of erudition and devotion. The value and popularity of this work are proved by the fact that both volumes have gone through four editions

About The Author : A. S. P. Ayyar :
Justice ASP Ayyar, an ICS Officer who later joined the judiciary, was an eminent literary figure with a number of publications to his credit, including fiction,drama, biographies, religious writing and jurisprudence.

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