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Title : Chanakya's Neeti Scripture
Author : R K Sharma
Pages : 210
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ISBN : 81-7276-041-8

About the book:

Chanakya was the wise man of ancient India who preached, practised and achieved the purging of political and moral life, consolidated and unified Indian states under one empire and avenged the defeat of Porus by Alexander, the Greek King. He and King Chandragupta Maurya built the great Mauryan empire which extended from Mysore in the south, along the natural boundaries of India upto the borders of Persia in the north west and Bihar in the east. He wrote the Chankaya Neeti shastra and Kautilya Artha shastra .
Chanakya's Neeti shastra is unique. It emphasises enlightenment of the intellect and release of dormant selfpower by coordination of mind and heart. Neeti shastra is a treatise on wise conduct. It gives the dos and donts of philosophical, ethical and religious doctrines of Indians. It is the mother of all human sciences as it is concerned with human conduct, the cultivation of virtues and wisdom.

About The Author : R K Sharma :
R K Sharma is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He also gave the first translation in verse of the Hanumana chalisa, Prayer to the Danger Dispeller and Tulasidasa's Ramcharitamanas- Sundarkand:The Beautiful Verses.