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Title : Culture Course: Books I - X
Author : S. Ramakrishnan
Pages : 50
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About the book:

The Culture Course text books take on the vital task of inculcating in our youth a passionate love for and awareness of the amazing unity and continuity of the tradition, history and culture of our motherland.
In the past our elders taught us through numerous stories. The Culture Course Books take the place of our elders in the present day. They deal with saints and sages, sacred rivers and holy hills, kings and queens, epics and puranas, founders of religion and national leaders, masterpieces of sculpture and architecture and places of pilgrimage.

Volume I - VI & Volume VIII costing Rs. 75/- Each

Volume VII- Rs. 130/-

Volume IX - Rs. 130/-

Volume X - Rs. 65/-

About The Author: S. Ramakrishnan :
Padma Bhushan S Ramakrishnan was the Executive secretary and Director General of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. He has steered the Bhavan into a worldwide cultural organization with 280 Constituent Institutions and 110 kendras in India and abroad. He is the Founder editor of Bhavan's Journal, the fortnightly magazine of the Bhavan.

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