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Title : Bhagvad Gita for 21st Century
Author : R. J. Venkateswaran
Pages : 93
Price : R 120
ISBN : 81-7276-191-0
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About the book:

Mental stress is the cause of most modern diseases - this is a medically proven fact. So the powerful healing influence of the teachings of the Gita on mind and body cannot be ignored in modern times. This is the theme of this highly informative little book.
In this present book the author explains how the Gita can be useful as an effective guide to stress relief. Pointing out the proven close connection between pleasant emotions and good health, the book elucidates how the study of the Gita and the practice of its precepts would enable the reader to achieve peace of mind and health of body, thus adding "years to life and life to years", and, in the process, understand how to cope successfully with the stresses, strains and challenges of the 21st century.

About The Author : R. J. Venkateswaran :
R.J. Venkateswaran, is a first class M.A. of the Madras University, a former Assistant Editor of the Eastern Economist, and a writer whose books on the Gita have received wide appreciation.