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Title : The real Gandhi
Author : Siddheshwar Prasad
Pages : 220
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ISBN : 81-7276-293-3

About the book:

The author has tried to trace out the real seemingly 'forgotten' Gandhi and has tried to present the Mahatma's thoughts, words and deeds in the real perspective.
Several sides of Gandhiji are discussed in this book as the author tries to present a new facet. Mahatma Gandhi was named the Man of the century by the Time Magazine. The author feels that even Gandhiji's followers have forgotten the real Mahatma and that is why he has tried to project him in a different light and interpreted Mahatma's various thoughts, actions and deeds differently from what one generally reads.

About The Author : Siddheshwar Prasad :
Professor Siddheshwar Prasad was a lecturer who turned politician. Elected to the Lok Sabha thrice, he was a cabinet minister of Bihar and later a Governor of Tripura. He is an author of several books and articles.

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