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Title : Glimpses of Jnaneshwari
Author : M R Paranjpe
Pages : 129
Price : R 100
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About the book:

Jnaneshwari is knowledge which leads one to twin objectives of God realization and self realization. The paths leading to these are very complex and one needs a Guru like Jnaneshwar to reach them. Jnaneshwari was composed by Sant Jnaneshwar in 1290 A.D. when he was just 15 years old.
Jnaneshwari does not contain merely words, sentences or verses, but they are to be experienced. Various yogas and kands are discussed in the book which is philosophical and mystic.

About The Author : M R Paranjpe :
Though born in Gujarat the author was educated in Maharashtra and served in Indian Customs and Central Excise Department in various capacities.