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Title : Hypertension: Assorted topics
Author : Prof B M Hegde, Meenakshi, Maina
Pages : 108
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ISBN : 81-7275-052-3

About the book:

Hypertension is a common illness of modern times. Though this enigma is not yet fully understood, there are a lot of studies on the subject. Myths abound in this area, both in the medical profession and the patients' minds. This book throws light on many aspects of hypertension. The views are sometimes unconventional but the book is a very useful one for patients.
The book discusses various aspects of primary hypertension, blood pressure, drugs used for the hypertension, about various myths and fears relating to it and the recent advances in the subject.

About The Author : Prof B M Hegde, Meenakshi, Maina :
The three authors are eminent doctors who studied medicine in India, UK and USA