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Title : Health scenario in India 'Hope for a better future'
Author : Prof P N Tandon
Pages : 141
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About the book:

The book gives the current health status in India and the major factors responsible for ill health. The author has discussed the various factors for this condition which include poverty, water, obesity, diabetes, cancer, climate changes, and others. Drug development, alternate medicine and health care are seen as the hope for the future.
The book begins with the discovery of antibiotics which saw a possible end to several diseases. This was in the mid forties. Till then a variety of diseases were rampant which needed a lot of care and were quite a problem for the patients and their doctors. Average Life Expectancy in 1951 was 37 years and with the discovery of new drugs the life expectancy became 65 in 2000. The book is a well researched one.

About The Author : Prof P N Tandon :
Prof Tandon, a doctor who trained abroad started the first neurosurgical service in India. The countryís premier neuroscience center at Delhi is his forte. He has won several award including the Padmashri and Padmabhushan.