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Title : Hindu Civilization
Author : Radha Kumud Mukherji
Pages : 383
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About the book:

This book tells the story of Hindu civilization from the earliest times till today. Some of the information has been brought out into the open for the first time after careful research by the author. Vedas, epics, Dharma sutras, smritis, Pali and jain texts have been consulted to produce a fascinating account of India's prehistoric civilisation.
Beginning with the geological formations, the book talks of the Indus valley civilization, the Aryans, and various states, their kings and their religion. Not only the epics, Manusmriti, Vishnu smriti and others are discussed but even the life and work of Buddha, Mahavira and the fairly recent history are given in detail. Maps of Vedic India and epic India are included in the book.

About The Author : Radha Kumud Mukherji :
Dr Radha Kumud Mookerji was a noted historian and politician, an ex MP and author of several books on Indian history.