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Title : Sadguru Gnanananda
Author : His devotees
Pages : 363
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About the book:

Swamiji has millions of followers. He is the Sage of Tapovan which he founded and where he taught his disciples several facets of vedantic lore. The sage's teachings may be in the old Hindu tradition but they have been adapted to modern times and needs. Sadguru is a widely travelled guru with a great following.
The first part of the book contains his life sketch, his personality and teachings and is followed by various letters he wrote to different people around the world. His speeches, his sayings, his goal and other such thoughts and words have been carefully collected and presented by his disciples.

About The Author : His devotees :
The book has been written by some ardent devotees of Sadguru Gnanananda with devotion and love. His life, his teachings and his quotations have been collected and presented for the readers.