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Title : Shanti Sopana: Steps to Peace
Author : V Balu
Pages : 108
Price : R 50
ISBN : 81-7276-303-4
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About the book:

The author has advocated twenty two steps to peace in this book. They include curbing anger, thinking positive, removing ego etc. They take the reader to the serene waters of the lake of peace. They are all well thought and do not seem unattainable to anyone who reads them.
There are several anecdotes and stories told in the book to make the reader understand the steps to peace. There is no preaching or moralizing, only sharing and listening. One of the interesting stories is of a man who walked all the way to the next forest from the one where he lived, along with a lamp, to borrow a match to light cigarette. He did not realize that he could do so with his own kerosene lamp. People miss the light of peace within and grope in the darkness of ignorance. Such stories dot the book making it more interesting to read. Another story is of a forever-angry father whose son keeps laughing when his father is angry. When the father angrily asks him the reason for smiling, the son replies that when he is angry he looks like an ape and brings a mirror to show the man his face while angry.

About The Author : V Balu :
V Balu is the author of several books. A multifaceted personality he has been working for global peace

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