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Title : People's India: A Superpower
Author : Mamachan Daniel
Pages : 171
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ISBN : 81-7276-315-8

About the book:

Taking ideas from the Swiss cantons , the Indian village panchayats and the working of various NGOs this book has suggested a novel practical way of collective living.
The book deals with corruption, privatization, latent potentials, living styles, globalisation and other aspects for Indian life . India is already being thought of as the next superpower and the author has suggested ways and means for our country to take this position in the near future. India is the fourth largest economy and the tenth industrial giant in the world, She is the seventh biggest country with the second largest population. If she so desires, she can be a superpower within a few years.

About The Author : Mamachan Daniel :
Mamachan Daniel has also written : Human Ills: A few suggestions, which is a collection of essays, 'When will that day come?' while 'The Return' is under consideration for publication.