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Title : Indian Travel Diary of a philosopher
Author : Count Hermann A Keyserling
Pages : 251
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About the book:

Just before the World War I Count Hermann Keyserling launched on a journey around the world and arriving in India he visited the major centers of history, culture, aesthetics and spirituality. This book is the Indian part of his travelogue and experiences. It has a prologue: 'India, the Cosmic Connection' by J C Kapur.
The Count visited several places in India like Rameshwaram, Tanjore, Udaipur, Chittor, Ellora, Benaras, Calcutta, Himalaya, Delhi, Agra, and wrote about them. It is not about the places as much as it is about the spiritual happenings. At Tanjore he saw various dancers and his interpretation of dance is totally different from others. Similarly in Conjeevaram where he saw that his Christian servant was not allowed into temples, he has made comments on how people can find out the caste of a person even if he hides it. The book is a revelation of India as seen through foreign eyes a century ago.

About The Author : Count Hermann A Keyserling :
The Count was a German philosopher who has written several books on philosophy, metaphysics and spiritual travel.