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Title : Sri Radha Sudha Nidhi Stotram
Author : Mahaprabhu Hitarivansha Goswami
Pages : 143
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About the book:

Shri Goswami is the founder of the Radha Vallabh sampradaya and his poems are considered jewels of the Braj bhasha. About 270 works have been composed in Sanskrit in praise of Sree Radha which are collected under the name of Shri Radha Sudha Nidhi Stotram and through these verses the supremacy of Shri Radha have been established. These verses descirbe the amorous play and romance between Radha and Krishna.
The main theme is the sportive love of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna, The author has described these love sports as a spontaneous festival of love. This festival possess splendour of beauty, youth, captivating figure and artistic performance of amorous sports.

About The Author : Mahaprabhu Hitarivansha Goswami :
He was a great saint of Shri Radha in the sixteenth century.