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Title : Tiruvachakam- The Hindu Testament of Love
Author : Ratna Ma Navaratnam
Pages : 268
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About the book:

Tiruvachakam is a poem of sublime beauty and has been composed by Manikkavachakar. His expressions of absolute love and faith in God has resulted in this exquisite Tamil poem which has been translated by several people in several languages. This translation and discussions on the poems are a result of deep study by the author. She has tried to show a different approach and put a different light on great issues that appear in religious experiences.
The book is not merely a translation of the famous poem. It is also an explanation of the hows and whys of the stanzas. Manikkavachakar's poetry deals with the different phases of the life of a bhakta. The awakening of the self to consciousness of Divine reality is described in many cantos. Intense feeling of joy and exaltation is seen in Tiruchatakam. Self surrender, cleansing and stripping by purgation the soul detaches from the things of the senses. The poet refers to the human body as burdensome and despicable and step by step he moves on to see the beatific vision as at Tirukalukunram and Tillai.

About The Author : Ratna Ma Navaratnam :
She was a well known educationist and scholar, a holder of several gold medals, an active member of many cultural and women's organizations, and was head of Ramanathan College, a Hindu Institution in Ceylon(Sri Lanka) She has written several books for children, books on poetry and appreciation of Indian classics.

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