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Title : Self and Social Relations
Author : V.G.Krishnamurti
Pages : 180
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About the book:

The theme of the book is that the responsibility to change society is squarely on the individual. Society follows the example of great men. People like Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi and others have brought about changes in society mainly because of their individual thoughts, actions and qualities.
The book is divided into six parts, each part being thought provoking and interesting. Discussions on memory, knowledge, peace, work and various others are based on the author's personal experiences and talks with other people. He realizes the poet's words, 'What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?' He laments that life in villages was leisurely and one noticed nature and loved her in all her glory. But now living in cement cities, one has lost the capacity to enjoy simple things of life. He declares that nature had life in her which she put into man. Modern life and the luxuries have put a stop to all that.

About The Author : V.G.Krishnamurti :
A Chartered Accountant by profession, the author is also an author of books like 'Budgeting for Management' and 'Advaita for contemporary Man'.