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Title : Essence of Hinduism
Author : D S Sharma
Pages : 121
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About the book:

The book talks of Hinduism and explains various beliefs in the religion. The book is educational even for a person who is totally unaware of the nuances of Hinduism. Beginning with shrutis and stutis the book explains the whys, whats and the hows of Hinduism so that the reader gets clear information of the religion. Vedas, Puranas, rites and rituals have been explained in detail. Just as our bodies require food, our souls need religion and spirituality for proper growth.
Hindu philosophy is not mere speculation or guess work but an organized doctrine based on mystic experience. This book explains the philosophy in simple terms. Hinduism is a way of life, it is a discipline and when certain things are laid down in the prescribed form for pujas and religious functions, there are certain meanings behind them and sometimes scientific reasons as well. An attempt has been made here to tell the reader what Hinduism is all about.

About The Author : D S Sharma :
Born in 1883, Professor D S Sharma was a post graduate in English and became the Principal of the Government Arts college, Rajahmundry. He is the author of several books.

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