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Title : Beyond Destiny - The Life and Times of Subbudu
Author : Lada Guruden Singh
Pages : 265
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ISBN : 81-7276-369-7

About the book:

This is perhaps the first ever biography of an Indian critic (Subbudu) from the world of classical performing arts. Put into place through scores of interviews with country's top musicians, dancers and critics, the book traces the growth of an incorrigible kid as he takes on the high and the mighty from the world of arts to emerge as a fearless critic, whose single minded passion in life has been, to serve the arts.
The book captures Subbudu's rise as critic incisively by juxtaposing it with the way Indian performing arts have shaped up post-independence. Beyond Destiny ends with a note of caution glancing at the reality of music and dance in India and its survival in the mainstream media. Lada Guruden Singh is a trained broadcast journalist and a poet. He has to be congratulated for this in-depth account of the Life and Times of Subbudu.

About The Author : Lada Guruden Singh :
Lada Guruden Singh is a trained broadcast journalist, a poet with two collection of poems. Split Ends and Where Must I Go... a Bharatanatyam dancer, a columnist with The Statesman and a freelance writer for host of national and international dance journals and websites.