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Title : Bhagwad Gita: Enyclopedia of Management principles and scientific living
Author : Priyavadan Desai
Pages : 259
Price : R 200
ISBN : 978-81-7276-438-8

About the book:

The book brings out how 'Gita', spoken 5000 years beack, embodied the present day management discipline. It shows that how everyone, from students, to politicians to industrialists to professionals, can adapt to attain the supreme state of accomplishment.
The book is a novel piece of literature and sets a new path of understanding amongst the masses.The basic principles of 'Gita' enumerated in the epic are illustrated by examples of Great Souls whom we see at present and whom we have known for their exalted achievements in their respective fields of activity.
The Book is very well translated in simple but appealing language. The joint efforts of the author and the translator do not allow the reader to leave the book halfway.

About The Author : Priyavadan Desai :
Shri Priyavadan Desai has studied finance, law, secretarial practice and commerce. He has held several positions in large Indian coporations for about 50 years. He is the recipient of the life-time achievement award of "Udyog Mitra" meaning "A Friend of the Industries" from Thane Belapur Industries Association.