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Title : The Substance of Ramanuja's Sri Bhasya
Author : K. Seshadri
Pages : 154
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ISBN : 978-81-7276-464-7

About the book:

The book gives an elaborate account of the philosophy of Visistadvaita closely following Ramanuja's Sri-bhasya, which is the commentary on the Brahma-sutra.
The book is rich in content, resplendent in style, and faithful to the tradition, written by one of the outstanding scholars in philosophy with specialization in Visistaadvaita. A careful study of this book will reveal how religon and philosophy are complementary to each other in the Vedanta tradition.

About The Author : K. Seshadri :
Prof. K. Seshadri (1905-1983) was well-known in Chennai's religious and philosophical institutions as a sincere and erudite speaker. He contributed articles on religion - Hinduism, Vaishanvism and so on to The Bhavan's Journal.