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Title : Temples and Legends of Kerala
Author : K. R. Vaidyanathan
Pages : 221
Price : R 215
ISBN : 978-81-7276-563-7
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About the book:

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Twenty five important temples of Kerala have been included in this book. Their origin, legends, architecture, rites, rituals and customs, traditions and festivals have been well described. It is a pilgrim's as well as a tourist's guide to Kerala.
The temple is not only a place of worship but is also a house of prayer, a social club and a cultural center. A typical Malayalee begins his day by taking a bath in the temple pond, going round the deity with his face and chest smeared with ash and sandalwood paste and then starts his work. Temples in Kerala(as many as 2,200) are places of visits not only for the devotees but also for the tourists. Each temple has its own legend, its own history and it is interesting to find out the details which are given in this book. The author has told these stories in a simple yet interesting manner for the benefit of all readers. Illustrations and pictures give more details.

About The Author : K. R. Vaidyanathan :
K R Vaidyanathan was an accomplished writer who had specialized in writing about temples, legends and worship of God. His other books include 'Pilgrimage to Sabari' and Temples and legends of Kerala' He retired from the Indian Railways after forty years and has authored a book on railway humour.

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