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Books on Bhagvad Gita

Title : Bhagwad Gita: Enyclopedia of Management principles and scientific living
Author : Priyavadan Desai
Pages : 259
Price : R 200
ISBN : 978-81-7276-438-8
About the book:

The book brings out how 'Gita', spoken 5000 years beack, embodied the present day management discipline. It shows that how everyone, from students, to politicians to industrialists to professionals, can adapt to attain the supreme state of accomplishment. Read More

Title : Bhagavad Gita and Modern Life
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 270
Price : R 120
ISBN : 978-81-7276-419-7
About the book:

Munshiji tells us through this book that the reading of the sriptures, has to be done earnestly. He tells us how our scripture, the Gita, has to be read. Read More

Title : Gita : The Song Extraordinary
Author : Damodar Thakur
Pages : 305
Price : R 350
ISBN : 81-7276-362-X
About the book:

This is a book with an utterly new interpretation of the Gita with Prof. Thakur's excellent analysis of its key words and phrases and its central and supporting images.Read More

Title : Bhagavad Geeta: The Lord's Song
Author : Dr. K. Madhavan Kutty
Pages : 144
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

This free verse English translation of the Bhagavad Gita makes a good attempt to introduce this Sanskrit Classic to a grater audience, especially a world audience. Read More

Title : The Bhagavad Gita - Path to wisdom
Author : Dr R Saraswati Sainath
Pages : 36
Price : R 40
ISBN : 81-7276-327-1
About the book:

The book is a summarized version of the Bhagavad Gita, chapter by chapter, and is useful for students and those interested in the teaching of the Gita. The book is a very brief, precise and concise Gita in a nutshell. Read More

Title : Gita Today
Author : Dr Krishna Bhatta
Pages : 325
Price : R 450
ISBN : 81-7276-330-1
About the book:

The book looks at the teachings of Bhagawad Gita from Arjuna's point of view. The author has described clearly the changes taking place in Arjuna as the Gita progresses. From a reluctant warrior, Arjuna emerges as a transformed stitapragya who can be decisive, fearless, invincible and less emotional.Read More

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