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Books on Religion And Philosophy

Title : Ministrels of God
Author : Bankey Bihari
Pages : 460
Price : R 575
ISBN : 978-81-7276-590-3
About the book:

The book is divided into two volumes, each divided into two parts.Read More

Title : Sri Sri Gurugita
Author : Svami Cetanananda Sarasvati
Pages : 208
Price : R 200
About the book:

The book is a conversation between Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati as described in Skandapurana. It contains Sanskrit Text with Transliteration, Translation and Commentary, Glossary and Index.Read More

Title : Sufis, Mystics and Yogis of India
Author : Bankey Bihari
Pages : 498
Price : R 575
ISBN : 978-81-7276-557-6
About the book:

In this book, the author talks about the Formless form worship of the Lord under three sub-divisions: Sufism, Advait, Nirakar and Shabda Upasana. Main emphasis is given to worship of His attributes - Vibhuti Upasana. Under this, the upasak is content with merging his personality into the Divine personality, wherein he imagines he loses his individuality as a drop in the ocean.Read More

Title : Hindu Sastras and Samskaras
Author : V. A. K. Ayer
Pages : 63
Price : R 30
About the book:

This book will serve to satisfy all those who want to learn the fundamentals about our Hindu Scriptures.Read More

Title : Dharma, the Global Ethic
Author : Justice Dr. M. Rama Jois
Pages : 159
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-074-4
About the book:

This scholarly book on the concept of Dharma explains its multifarious, rich connotations in lucid terms, defining it as a collective term for the entire code of righteous conduct in every sphere of human activity. Read More

Title : Nijaguna's Songs of the Transcedant - Paramarthagite
Author : Swami Sahajananda (Prof. R. B. Kanthi)
Pages : 136
Price : R 150
ISBN : 81-7276-241-0
About the book:

Paramarthagite is one of eight treatises of Sri Nijaguna Sivayogi, a mystic, a poet and a philosopher. This book gives an exquisite description of the grand vision of the Transcendental Truth. Read More

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