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Books on Science And Man

Title : Towards Rural Industrialisation
Author : L K Bharatiya
Pages : 178
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About the book:

The book is concerned with the socio economic study of the khadi and village industries which played a significant role in the political field prior to independence. They have given occupations to lakhs of people, and helped and supported a special relationship pattern. The historical background of the industries has been studied and adequate research has been done while bringing out this book. Read More

Title : As You Think So You Become
Author : Debabrata Bose
Pages : 39
Price : R 60
ISBN : 81-7276-224-6
About the book:

The book discusses various subjects related to wisdom and perfection in life.Read More

Title : Blood and Tears
Author : Col. H. K. Suchdeva
Pages : 131
Price : R 90
ISBN : 81-7276-071-X
About the book:

This is the true tale of a terrible journey, soaked in blood and tears, that the author undertook from Karachi (then in Pakistan) to Benaras via Delhi in 1947, the fateful year of the Partition of India. Read More

Title : Ganesh Vidnyan: Science & Technology
Author : K. B. Paranjape
Pages : 159
Price : R 120
About the book:

This very interesting book seeks to present a scientific explanation of the hymns of the Atharuashirsha Upanishad, which is a highlight of the prayers chanted during the Ganesh festival. That is why it is called Ganesh Vidnyan, the Science of GaneshRead More

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