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Books on Spiritual Biographies

Title : Human Rights Bharatiya Values
Author : Justice Dr. M. Rama Jois
Pages : 150
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 978-81-7276-534-7
About the book:

This book is a scholarly treatise on the Indian Tradition of Human Rights.Read More

Title : Living Biographies of Great Religious Leaders
Author : Henry Thomas, Dana Lee Thomas
Pages : 250
Price : R 75
About the book:

The book presents the lives of 20 great religious leaders who have inspired and influenced the humankind through the centuries. Read More

Title : A Glimpse on Spiritual Personages of our Country
Author : E. T. Sankarankutty
Pages : 92
Price : R 85
ISBN : 81-7276-390-5
About the book:

India is the birth place of four out of eleven great religions of the world. i. Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Religion ii. Buddhism (6th Century B.C.) iii. Jainism (6th Century B. C.) and iv. Sikhism (16th Century A. D.). During the period of past two millennium, India gave birth to many great spiritual souls. Their missions were to set right the ills of the society and to guide mankind towards God. They accomplished their mission not by sword or deceit but through compassion and goodness and disappeared leaving their legacy behind for the future generation. Read More

Title : Beyond Destiny - The Life and Times of Subbudu
Author : Lada Guruden Singh
Pages : 265
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-369-7
About the book:

This is perhaps the first ever biography of an Indian critic (Subbudu) from the world of classical performing arts. Put into place through scores of interviews with country's top musicians, dancers and critics, the book traces the growth of an incorrigible kid as he takes on the high and the mighty from the world of arts to emerge as a fearless critic, whose single minded passion in life has been, to serve the arts.Read More

Title : Mahayogi: Life sadhana and teachings of Sri Aurobindo
Author : H.R.Diwakar
Pages : 292
Price : R 100
About the book:

The book has been appreciated and read by thousands of people and hence eight editions are already in circulation. The book is devoted to facts of Sri Aurobindo's life and his development into a spiritual leader. His sadhana, siddhi and teachings have been discussed later. Besides Sri Aurobindo, details on Mother, Sri Aurobindo ashram at Pondicherry, Auroville project have also been given. The book is an outline on his life, his gospel and his discourses.Read More

Title : Sadguru Gnanananda
Author : His devotees
Pages : 363
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

Swamiji has millions of followers. He is the Sage of Tapovan which he founded and where he taught his disciples several facets of vedantic lore. The sage's teachings may be in the old Hindu tradition but they have been adapted to modern times and needs. Sadguru is a widely travelled guru with a great following.Read More

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