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Books on Gandhiyana

Title : Gandhi for 21st Century- Vol - 1: God is Truth
Author : Anand T Hingorani
Pages : 90
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About the book:

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Gandhiji had specific thoughts about God and he minced no words while discussing about Him. In this book Gandhiji has spoken about the existence of God, about good and evil, faith and reason, his inner voice, about God being love, and 78 topics on the theme. Read More

Title : The Life of Mahatma Gandhi
Author : Louis Fischer
Pages : 649
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About the book:

Beginning and ending with the incident on Friday, January 30, 1948, the day Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead, the book deals with the happenings in his life, political and personal.Read More

Title : The Matchless Weapon Satyagraha
Author : James K. Mathews
Pages : 225
Price : R 200
ISBN : 81-7276-354-9
About the book:

The title The Matchless Weapon, comes from Gandhi's own phrase. The book argues that although the Gandhian method has many roots and many branches, the determinative "springs of action" come from Hinduism. Read More

Title : Gandhi and Bombay
Author : K. Gopalaswami
Pages : 566
Price : R 50
About the book:

The book is an exhaustive record of the half century association of Gandhi with Bombay and traces Gandhiji's early experiments and his evolution as the Mahatma. Bombay was the start of Gandhiji's political career and this book records faithfully all the incidents, more so since the author himself has seen them all at close quarters. Read More

Title : The Mahatma and the Poetess
Author : Dr. E. S. Reddy
Pages : 176
Price : R 120
ISBN : 81-7276-092-2
About the book:

The book is a collection of 79 letters exchanged by Sarojini Naidu and Mahatma Gandhi from 1915 onwards. They reflect the heartthrobs, emotions,visions, anxieties and intimacy of two great highly evolved patriotic souls. Each letter has a small postscript saying where the letter has been collected from. Read More

Title : Quest for Gandhi
Author : G. Ramachandran, T. K. Mahadevan
Pages : 450
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

This book contains a sample of writings on Gandhiji by various people. These articles appeared in Gandhi Marg, the journal of the Gandhi Peace Foundation.Read More

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