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Books on Philosophy

Title : The art of living
Author : Gangadhar Pandey
Pages : 128
Price : R 180
ISBN : 81-7276-173-2
About the book:

This book provides a lucid description of all ingredients of life which depend on our physical energy, mental capabilities and ethical standards. The narration is replete with befitting stories and examples which make the reading more interesting and absorbing. Read More

Title : A Journey within the self (A Diary of Yogic Experiences)
Author : Deepa Kodikal
Pages : 310
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

This diary of yogic revelations will be a beacon to the many seekers of answers to the eternal questions about man & God. Read More

Title : Vedic Philosophy and Religion
Author : T.R.Vishwanathan
Pages : 370
Price : R 225
ISBN : 81-7276-223-2
About the book:

This book is a " must " for anyone desirous of knowing the invertness of the hindu faith in a nutshell. Read More

Title : Panch Kanya: A Novel Experience in Indian Philosophy
Author : Ritu Kamal
Pages : 528
Price : R 350
ISBN : 81-7276-232-1
About the book:

This is an unusual book on philosophy, written in the form of a novel, by a child prodigy of sixteen, in which abstruse philosophical concepts like Shunya, Sankhya, Mimansa are dealt with astonishing simplicity. Read More

Title : Narayana Guru- The Social Philosopher of Kerala
Author : Sathya Bai Sivadas, P. Prabhakara Rao
Pages : 124
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-266-6
About the book:

Sree Narayana Guru was one of the great social reformers of India. This book introduces to the readers, the great personality who had brought about revolutionary changes in the social fabric of Kerala and makes the readers familiar with the prevailing social conditions of those days. Read More

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