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Books on General

Title : The spirit of the Constitution
Author : J M Shelat
Pages : 50
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

The main point emphasized by the author is the indigenous character of the Constitution which while drawing largely from the American Bill of Rights and the Government of India Act 1935 had adjusted the relevant Constitutional provisions to the needs of the country. He has dealt with the problems of liberty and equality by relating them to the ethical elements of justice. Read More

Title : The Rounding off
Author : Sri Dilip Kumar Roy
Pages : 136
Price : R 30
About the book:

The book is the story of Sri Krishna as experienced by Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and his daughter disciple Smt Indira Devi. Indira Devi often went into a trance and saw Sri Krishna in various forms, sometimes like a small babe, sometimes like a King. Her description of these happenings as told to Dadaji (Sri Roy) are collected in letter form and presented to the readers. These letters are written to followers all over the world and join together the story of the lives and miracles of Dadaji and Didiji. Read More

Title : Herbal cosmetics in Ancient India with a treatise on Planta Cosmetica
Author : Kunda B Patkar & PV Bole
Pages : 296
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 7276-085-X
About the book:

This book is the result of a multidisciplinary investigation and constitutes an ethnobotanical contribution to mankind's search for beauty and good health. Though the ancient science of cosmetology is believed to have originated in China, the earliest records of cosmetics and their applications dates back to the Indus valley civilization. Excavations of Mohenjodaro and Harappa have shown a highly developed cosmetic culture. Beauty aids are different for different seasons and the ingredients used are also significantly different Cosmetics were used not only for enhancing beauty but also on health grounds and for achieving punya. A lot of information on herbal cosmetics with special reference to Ancient India is given in this book.Read More

Title : Divine Light- Divya Jyothi
Author : P.V.Rathnam
Pages : 179
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-258-5
About the book:

The book is a compilation of a Father's Letters to his children. Blessed by the Divine Light, the letters contain practical and valuable advice to young minds and discerning parents, guiding them in their endeavours to become worthy Citizens of the world. Read More

Title : Modern Physics and Vedanta
Author : Swami Jitatmananda
Pages : 158
Price : R 200
ISBN : 978-81-7276-568-2
About the book:

The book brings out powerfully how the developments of physics and the philosophy of Vedanta are indeed interconnected. Read More

Title : Science and Spirituality
Author : (Pilani) V.Krishnamurthy
Pages : 236
Price : R 215
ISBN : 81-7276-267-4
About the book:

This monograph emphasizes that Science and Spirituality are two complementary facets of man's intellectual aspirations, neither of which can be ignored. It is necessary to look beyond Science to comprehend the personality that is Man. Read More

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