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Books on Health and Medicine

Title : Hundred years of happy and healthy life through Ayurveda and Yoga
Author : Dr S P Kinjawadekar
Pages : 37
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-294-1
About the book:

The book in a highly readable and pleasant form presents the essence of healthy living as per Ayurveda. It provides the guidelines for health and longevity. Ayurveda gives more importance to prevention of disease rather than their treatment. It advises on the cultivation of a healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle to achieve a hundred years of healthy and happy life. Dos and don'ts regarding food, lifestyle is given so that the reader can expect to live a disease free long life.Read More

Title : Hospital management
Author : Dr T H Rindani
Pages : 154
Price : R 150
ISBN : 81-7276-287-9
About the book:

This book is a medical administrator's comparative experiences.Management of hospitals is a very complex task and the CEO of the hospital has to have a lot of coping abilities. There are no rules of the thumb but it is only with experience that one learns how to manage a hospital. The main role of the hospital is to provide high quality medical care to each patient which needs cooperation from all sectors and it is here that the CEO shows his mettle as a capable captain. This book is based on first hand experiences of the writer in handling situations that arise in the running of hospitals.Read More

Title : Holistic Living
Author : Prof B M Hegde
Pages : 122
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-024-8
About the book:

The book under review covers almost all aspects of good health, fitness and medical problems. Written by an eminent and international doctor, the book discusses health not only from the physical and mental points but also gives an overall aspect of life. Body language, what our body tells us, physical fitness and mental, diet, exercise and medical discussions are highlighted. Read More

Title : Neem in Ayurveda
Author : Vaidya Suresh Chaturvedi
Pages : 95
Price : R 175
About the book:

The book highlights the importance of the neem tree and its uses. 'Neem in ayurveda' is a useful source of information on the medicinal and therapeutic uses of neem, such as its external and internal uses, dental hygiene, fertility regulating materials, ophthalmic uses, treatment of contagious diseases, toiletries etc. Read More

Title : Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Therapeutic Uses Of Medicinal Plants
Author : Vaidya V. M. Gogte
Pages : 787
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-192-9
About the book:

The present volume by Vaidya V. M. Gogte is a timely reminder to all pharmacologist and physicians that the men of renaissance lead us to intelligient correlation between ancient intuitive insights and modern discoveries of science. Read More

Pages: 12