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Books on General

Title : Hindu Civilisation and the Twenty First Century
Author : V. Ramanathan
Pages : 746
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ISBN : 81-276-332-8
About the book:

This is a complete guide to Hinduism, not only for the novices but also for the religious minded who still have a lot to learn. Every topic relating to Hinduism has been discussed in the book, including comments by various well known foreigners on the topic. Quotes appearing at the end of the chapter tells the readers what the western world is thinking of Hindus and Hinduism. The book was written since the author strongly felt that the youth of the country were indifferent to the cultural and historical heritage of India. Hinduism has survived the test of time and has survived so many attacks on it down the ages. This is because of its flexibility and its ability to change while keeping its basic principles intact. Read More

Title : The Vision of Siva in Periyapuranam
Author : Ratna Ma Navaratnam
Pages : 127
Price : R 35
About the book:

The book is basically a story of Siva's supremacy over other cults and creeds. Sambandar, one of the foremost of Shaiva saints witnessed Siva’s supremacy and this marked a significant landmark in the history of Saivism in India. Sixty three saints extolled the Supreme Reality of Siva. Sekillar (twelfth century) cites authentic incidents where the power of Siva destroys even poison and fire. Such is the power of Siva as told in Periyapuranam. The Tamil culture, habits., thoughts, social structure have also been discussed in great detail. Read More

Title : The Tao of psychology
Author : Nirmal Kumar
Pages : 168
Price : R 60
ISBN : 81-7276-015-9
About the book:

The book is about the modern man's predicaments. The author says that the modern man has two problems-self multiplication and self forgetfulness. He discusses various phrases like 'knowledge is power' as applied to the present day situations. He has thought deeply over several topics and realized some truths which he has shared with the readers of this book. Reviewers have said that the book is more than a scientific or artistic study, it is deeper than both.Read More

Title : Is there justice in life?
Author : Ramadas
Pages : 178
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

The topic is one which most people ask at some time or the other in their lives whether there is justice in life or not. On November 1,1875, when thousands of people were celebrating 'All Saints day' in Lisbon, Portugal, a massive earthquake resulted in damaging 1,700 buildings and killing about 60,000 people. 20 feet high waves called Tsunamis converted the streets into a watery graveyard. And the streets housing brothels remained untouched. The author has given such examples in the book to show injustice to the common man.Read More

Title : Exploring India's Population Scenario-I predict
Author : Vasant Gowariker
Pages : 101
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

India's population has been a cause for worry. There are just too many people in the country. The people have been advised to limit families through various means but the population growth has not come down as much as expected despite all methods. However this is a book which gives an optimistic view of the whole thing. The author declares that there has been a decline in population but the death rate has also gone down due to better health, medicines and facilities. Hence the overall situation is not as bad as predated as every state has lesser birth rate. His views have been commented upon but he has statistics and proof to support his theory and research.Read More

Title : Glimpses of the Great
Author : S.Ramakrishnan Collated by Sheshrao Chavan
Pages : 502
Availability: Currently out of stock.
ISBN : 81-7276-333-6
About the book:

Twenty two distinguished Indians like Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Sathya Sai baba, Rajiv Gandhi, K M Munshi, Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Morarji Desai, and others were personally known by the author and have been featured in this book. These are about first hand meetings with them and are personal glimpses into their lives. There is perhaps no other collection like this. Most of them inspired the author in some way or the other and helped him fashion his life. Famous personalitites like Lord Mountbatten, Pearl Buck and Dr Nelson Mandela have also been featured.Read More

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