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Books on Philosophy

Title : Essence of Hinduism
Author : D S Sharma
Pages : 121
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About the book:

The book talks of Hinduism and explains various beliefs in the religion. The book is educational even for a person who is totally unaware of the nuances of Hinduism. Beginning with shrutis and stutis the book explains the whys, whats and the hows of Hinduism so that the reader gets clear information of the religion. Vedas, Puranas, rites and rituals have been explained in detail. Just as our bodies require food, our souls need religion and spirituality for proper growth. Read More

Title : Tiruvachakam- The Hindu Testament of Love
Author : Ratna Ma Navaratnam
Pages : 268
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About the book:

Tiruvachakam is a poem of sublime beauty and has been composed by Manikkavachakar. His expressions of absolute love and faith in God has resulted in this exquisite Tamil poem which has been translated by several people in several languages. This translation and discussions on the poems are a result of deep study by the author. She has tried to show a different approach and put a different light on great issues that appear in religious experiences. Read More

Title : Spiritual Socialism-Solution to crisis of Civilisation
Author : S R Sengupta
Pages : 602
Price : R 375
ISBN : 81-7276-112-0
About the book:

The book can be seen as a pathway towards reversing the downward trend of civilisation. Though there are no conclusions or choices to offer, some are suggested by the author. The book is about the growth and development of culture and the evolution of civilization. The approach to the topic is historical and philosophical. Many questions are asked making the reader pause and think of answers. Read More

Title : Hinduism Doctrine and Way of Life
Author : C. Rajagopalachari
Pages : 101
Price : R 100
ISBN : 978-81-7276-574-3
About the book:

This book is an expansion of the author's earlier book titled 'Vedanta' and is of special interest to scholars and statesmen all over the country. The thesis of the book puts heart into those fighting the global battle for civilization governed by moral order. Readers get a clear idea of the philosophy of Hindus. Read More

Title : Indian Travel Diary of a philosopher
Author : Count Hermann A Keyserling
Pages : 251
Availability: Currently out of stock.
About the book:

Just before the World War I Count Hermann Keyserling launched on a journey around the world and arriving in India he visited the major centers of history, culture, aesthetics and spirituality. This book is the Indian part of his travelogue and experiences. It has a prologue: 'India, the Cosmic Connection' by J C Kapur. Read More

Title : The message of the Upanishads
Author : Swami Ranganathananda
Pages : 626
Price : R 450
About the book:

These are the collection of the weekly lectures given by the Swami in the Institute of Culture, Calcutta. The introduction to the book is on the power of the Upanishads. Upanishads are intelligible body of verified and verifiable spiritual insights mixed with myths and legends. Read More

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