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Books on General

Title : Modern Physics and Vedanta
Author : Swami Jitatmananda
Pages : 158
Price : R 200
ISBN : 978-81-7276-568-2
About the book:

The book brings out powerfully how the developments of physics and the philosophy of Vedanta are indeed interconnected. Read More

Title : Science and Spirituality
Author : (Pilani) V.Krishnamurthy
Pages : 236
Price : R 215
ISBN : 81-7276-267-4
About the book:

This monograph emphasizes that Science and Spirituality are two complementary facets of man's intellectual aspirations, neither of which can be ignored. It is necessary to look beyond Science to comprehend the personality that is Man. Read More

Title : Education and religion: A critical study
Author : Dr (Smt) L R Kanchan
Pages : 400
Price : R 350
ISBN : 81-7276-264-X
About the book:

Dr Kanchan has dedicated this book to the world's youth. Youth force can be used for the constructive purpose of the world if they are harnessed to the right goals of life. The book under review is the result of the research done by the author for her doctorate degree. Read More

Title : Grandeur of Thiruppugazh-The Hallowed hymns of Arunagirinatha
Author : S R S Ayyar
Pages : 133
Price : R 150
ISBN : 81-7276-062-0
About the book:

The deeply stirred emotions of Saint Arunagirinathar before Lord Muruga took the form of sacred mellifluous Thiruppugazh. This book analyses the unique features of these hymns and highlights its devotional fervour and poetic beauty. Read More

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