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Spiritually speaking Nature is blind and unilluminated. It has no eyes. It has only legs. Ego is its first-born and is as much blind and unilluminated. Yet the sages had warned that Nature ought to be worshipped as mother since she has the psychological and somatic lights as substitutes of the spiritual light. She should never be humiliated, a lesson

Which the Indians have gradually forgotten during the last two thousand years. There is no absolute dualism between the Soul and Nature. Ultimately there is nothing except the soul, which is the repose and origin of Nature as well as individual souls.

The ego, therefore, could be called the rudimentary soul even though all its attributes are opposite of soul. The difference between mahat and soul is of degrees of truth and reality, not of two opposites, though all appearances lead to the conclusion that they are not only opposites but two hardcore antagonists. It is, however, only what appears, not what is, and the wise do not get carried away by appearances. Though the ego looks hard, unilluminated, stupid and proud, it is within it that the soul lies hidden. To break it is not to free the soul. When time comes and one has ripened through adherance to psychological truths, the shell breaks of itself and the soul awakes. The ego has to patiently discover the somatic and the psychological truths and this breaks the egg-shell.

All talk of spirituality is meaningless to one who has not realized the soul within his ego. The sages have warned against knowing soul through scriptures and exalting it above the ego. Such knowledge sets in motion and perpetual battle between acquired knowledge and the ego. Real knowledge takes birth from the ego itself. All acquired knowledge is much inferior to the ego as it is only word which is an off-spring of ego (Mahat). Unless one has learnt the secret how ego transforms and becomes the soul one has no option but to live in its dark womb. The ego has first to discover the somatic light and then the psychological. These lights break its egg-shell and out comes the soul. No doubt ego is susceptible to ignorant moves out of which evil is born. Yet there is no cure to this ignorance in the acquired word. This ignorance is superior to the acquired knowledge since it is an intrinsic part of the ego. When the ego, tormented b y its ignorance, uses its head in its self-created prison, when its cry for illumination produces somatic and psychological truths, it ceases to be and produces the soul. It is thus Nature that transforms into soul.

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