Reproduced from the back issues of Bhavan's Journal
More than fifty articles on various subjects like: Upanishads, Veda Saakha, Anusmriti, Viraha, Bhakti,Vidyasthaanas etc
Sweetness & Light
Conquest of Fear
Vedic Heritage
Mantra-Science of Sound
Narada's Teachings
Prayer for Universal Harmony
The Benevolent Tree of Vedic Love
Science of Symbols
Aham Brahma Asmi
Humanistic Education
Relevance of Upanishadic Ideology
Kashi and Ganga
Patala Ganga
Veda Saakhas
Brahma and Ardhanari
Kumara and Swaminatha
Krishna of Pandharpur
The Chariot of the Sun God
Doctrine of Illusion
Gurus and Disciples
Dharma in Disguise
Realising the Presence of God
Narada and the Daughter of King Silnidhi
Krishna Teaches a Lesson
The Reality
To Serve Others is to Feel Blessed
Vedas and Upanishads
Aim of Puranas
Goddess Chandika
Pure of Heart
Body and Soul
Brahma Nirvana
That a Man should be One Man
Vedic Hymns
Worth of Religious Traditions
Creation of the Universe
The True Religious Life
Vedic Dharma
Raja Yoga
Religious Teachings


What do you want? If you say that the most important is love or security, then you speak of moods, of something you cannot see. If you say that the most important is money, power, social recognition, the just cause, God or eternity, then you speak of something you see or imagine. We will be in agreement when you say: “I want the just cause because I reject suffering!,” “….I want this because it brings me serenity; I do not want that other because it disconcerts me or makes me violent.” Is it, then, that all aspiration, all intention, all affirmation and all negation have your mood as their centre? You could retort that even though sad or joyful a number is always the same, and the sun is the sun, even if human beings did not exist.

I shall tell you that a number is distinct from itself, according to whether you have to give or receive, and that the sun fills greater space in human beings than in the skies. The radiance of a burning ember, or of a star, dances for your eye. Thus, there is no light without the eye, and were that eye another this radiance would have a different effect.

Therefore, let your heart affirm: “I love this radiance I see!” But let it never say, “Neither the sun nor the ember, nor the star have anything to do with me!” Of what reality do you speak to the fish and to the reptile, to the huge animal, to the tiny insect, to the bird, to the child, to the old one, to the one who sleeps and to the one who, cold or feverish, is vigilant in calculation or terror? I say that the echo of the real murmurs or resounds according to the ear that perceives it, and were the ear another, one other song would have what you call “reality”.

Therefore, let your heart affirm: “I love the reality I build!”

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