Reproduced from the back issues of Bhavan's Journal
More than fifty articles on various subjects like: Upanishads, Veda Saakha, Anusmriti, Viraha, Bhakti,Vidyasthaanas etc
Sweetness & Light
Conquest of Fear
Vedic Heritage
Mantra-Science of Sound
Narada's Teachings
Prayer for Universal Harmony
The Benevolent Tree of Vedic Love
Science of Symbols
Aham Brahma Asmi
Humanistic Education
Relevance of Upanishadic Ideology
Kashi and Ganga
Patala Ganga
Veda Saakhas
Brahma and Ardhanari
Kumara and Swaminatha
Krishna of Pandharpur
The Chariot of the Sun God
Doctrine of Illusion
Gurus and Disciples
Dharma in Disguise
Realising the Presence of God
Narada and the Daughter of King Silnidhi
Krishna Teaches a Lesson
The Reality
To Serve Others is to Feel Blessed
Vedas and Upanishads
Aim of Puranas
Goddess Chandika
Pure of Heart
Body and Soul
Brahma Nirvana
That a Man should be One Man
Vedic Hymns
Worth of Religious Traditions
Creation of the Universe
The True Religious Life
Vedic Dharma
Raja Yoga
Religious Teachings

ECHOES FROM THE ETERNITY : Mantra - Science of Sound

Mantra is the original language from which all others are derived. Mantric language, by definition, is language in which sound and meaning correspond. It is, for example, like poetry, where the sound of words reflects their meaning. Moreover, mantra is a science of sound in which the meaning and force of all sounds is known and developed toward a merging in the Isvara. The sound projects the meaning, partakes of it and is not separate from the object it names. Such names are the essential sound idea behind the object that evokes its meaning, which becomes the tool whereby its essence comes forth and is grasped. The mantric names of objects arise within the mind in meditative perception.

The mantric language of the Rig Veda Samhita is the word of the supreme being made manifest—not a set of moralistic commandments but the cosmic principles in all things, whereby their unique nature is comprehended. Such a language is a cosmic language that attunes us to the cosmic vibration from which we are isolated by the inertia of our animal and social conditioning. It is a multi-dimensional, intuitive language that combines symbol, myth, legend, ritual, alchemy, Yoga, philosophy and theology – all inner and outer way of knowing. Mantric language is developed organically from various roots that are its prime mantras, which are called bija mantras (seed-syllables). They are currents of meaning that unify, not roots that possess rigid meanings.

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