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ECHOES FROM THE ETERNITY : Prayer for Universal Harmony

Let all of you have one prayer; let your assembly be cohesive; let your minds and thoughts be one.

Having himself reached the spiritual summit, the only motive of the vedic sage is to help those that are down below. The social aspect of such benevolent desire is the spirit of cooperation.

“Come you; come all of you. Be harmonious in conversation, just as the venerable Gods assemble and rejoice in their respective positions.”

The prudent sage insists on not merely the sameness of outward actions but a unity of purpose.Psychological resonance, in their opinion, would automatically result in harmony of action. Thus in the valedictory Mantra of the oldest and grandest poetry, Rig-veda, the Rishi visualises an Utopian state.

“Let all of you have one prayer; let your assembly be cohesive; let your minds and thoughts be one. Now I prescribe a common prayer for all of you and offer a single oblation to Agni on behalf of all of you. Common be your aim; united be your hearts; of one accord be your minds so that all of you may live together happily and peacefully.” (Rig-Veda X 191.2-4).

Here togetherness is piled upon togetherness, symphony upon symphony. Such prayers are the limits of human effort for social solidarity.

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