Mumbai Head Office
Homage to Shri S. Ramakrishnanji
(L to R), speaker Manjusha Gokhale and Dr. Girish B. Jani
Homage to Shri S. Ramakrishnanji and a lecture on 'Life-vision as depicted in the Sanskrit Mahakavyas'

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan paid homage to its former Executive Secretary and Director General, Shri S. Ramakrishnanji on his 14th Punyatithi (death anniversary) on Tuesday, 14-2-2017. On this occasion, a lecture on 'Life-vision as depicted in the Sanskrit Mahakavyas' was delivered by the eminent Sanskrit scholar Prof. Dr. Smt. Manjusha Gokhale, Head, Dept. of Sanskrit, Ramanarain Ruia College of Arts and Science, Matunga, Mumbai.
The programme commenced with the Vedic prayer rendered by Shri Hitesh Trivedi, Assistant, Bhavan's P.G. & Research Dept. Dr. Prachi A. Moghe, Asst. Director, Bhavan's P.G. & Research Dept., delivered the welcome address, paid homage to Shri S. Ramakrishnanji, briefly introduced the Bhavan's Sanskrit mission, and introduced the speaker Dr. Gokhale. Dr. Girish B. Jani, Addl. Director, Bhavan's P.G. & Research Dept., offered the floral tribute to her.
In her facile and thought-provoking lecture, Dr. Mrs. Gokhale thoroughly surveyed the depiction of various aspects of human life as presented in leading Sanskrit Mahakavyas of Kalidasa, Bharavi, Magha, Shriharsha, works of Bhasa, Shudraka, Bana and others, and poetics of Bhamaha, Mammata, Vishvanatha, and Jagannatha. She analysed few quotations from these classics, revealing the poets' views on love, family, festivity, customs and social welfare. In her extempore oration, she observed that the poets had given more attention to the narration of ideal life of divine and royal characters, elite class and civilized section of the society, and had described partially, the realistic picture of hard and challenging life-course of common people, hailing from lower levels, and rural background. She also pointed out that the loyalty to patrons, preference to stereotype creativity, strict adherence to rhetorics, craze for exposition of scholarship and poetic marvels, silence regarding contemporary political changes, and social evils, have restricted the poetic genius to very little exposure of holistic vision of the life of entire society.
In his presidential speech, Dr. G.B. Jani presented some glimpses of realistic phase of human life as described in the poetical compositions of Kshemendra, Neelakantha Dikshit, Vishveshvar Pandey, and others, and briefly analyzed the general tendency of classical Sanskrit literature in the fields of aesthetic beauty, entertainment, idealism, intellectual exercise, practical wisdom and materialism.
Shri Hitesh Trivedi compered the programme of the function and proposed the vote of thanks.
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