One-Day Astrological Conference
Dr. D.K.Daftary, Chairman, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati, addressing the audience.
One-Day Astrological Conference organised by Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati on Saturday, 18-03-2017

The Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati celebrated 125th anniversary of the erstwhile Bombay Astrological Society, with one-day Astrological Conference, on Saturday, 18-3-2017, where the eminent astrologer Dr. K.N. Rao (Advisor, Bhavan's Institute of Astrology, Delhi) was the Chief Guest and other speakers were Shri Shakti Mohan Singh, Shri Hariharan Krishnamurthy, Mrs. Sree Vidya Hariharan, Shri Deepak Kapoor, Shri A.V. Sundaram and Shri Jiten Bhatt.
Shri Shakti Mohan Singh (from Jaipur) spoke on Kaala-Chakra-Dasha, which can accurately pin point the time of occurrence of any event of life of a person. For this the correct birth particulars are required along with the relevant divisional charts. Once the Dasha-bhuktis are identified from the natal chart, we can meticulously examine the transits and keep our thoughts on determinants till they are in sync with the event of question.
Shri Hariharan, son of the legendary Krishnamurthy, the originator of KP system, (from Chennai) explained that with the help of significators we determine the particular Dasha at the time of birth. He explained how through the Nakshatra on a particular day any event of the past and future can be judged and discussed this with the example of the birth of Bombay Astrological Society (estd. on 18-12-1892), which merged with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1992, and is now known as Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati.
Mrs. Sree Vidya Hariharan, wife of Shri Hariharan Krishnamurthy, explained that astrology is one of six limbs (certain classes of auxiliary texts) of Vedas. She said for matter to take place there are four rules in KP namely- Sub lord under the star lord, Sub lord is alone retrograted, Sub lord is direct or retrograted, Star lord is retrograted. She explained that sun remains in one Nakshatra for 13 days, moon for 1 day, while Lagna stays in one Nakshatra for only 53 minutes and 20 seconds. Lagna is more important than moon. If one adds Lagna sublord along with ruling planets, one can find out timing of events.
Shri Deepak Kapoor (from Delhi) spoke on Horary astrology by taking a live chart as Prashna-kundali. He systematically showed how the problems can be solved with the help of horary. He also explained the basic theory and importance of degrees of planets in horary astrology.
Shri A.V. Sundaram (from Hyderabad) spoke on Nadi astrology and explained two classifications namely Jeeva and Ajeeva Nadi. He related the 12 Bhavas to different facets of life and explained that the Karma is either Dridha or Adridha. By another theory of Karma we can understand the concept of Prarabdha, Sanchita and Agami Karma.
Shri Jiten Bhatt (from Baroda) spoke on Pyra Vastu and explained the importance of Karma. He showed the importance of putting one's hand in pyramid to get the results.
Dr. K.N. Rao stated that he is promoting Nirayana astrology and many students are carrying out research under his guidance at Delhi. He also added that he fought for astrology in Supreme Court and defended the case himself.
Dr. D.K. Daftary, Chairman, Managing Committee, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati, in his lecture, discussed the scientific basis of astrology and appealed for the intensive study of the subject.
On this momentous occasion, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati felicitated six eminent astrologers from Maharashtra and Gujarat. They are - Shri Mohanlal D. Patel (Ahmedabad), Dr. Pradeep Vyas (Mumbai), Shri Raghunath Chunilal Dave (Ahmedabad), Shri Ashwini Bhai Rawal (Ahmedabad), and Pandit Jiten Harihar Mehsanawala (Mumbai). Dr. K.N. Rao, and three senior faculty members of Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati - Dr. D.V. Thakur (Jt. Sr. Vice Principal), Prof. V.M. Sompura (Sr. Vice Principal) and Prof. G.B. Forbes (Principal) were honoured with life-time achievement award on this august occasion.
Prof. G.B. Forbes, Principal, Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati, delivered the introductory speech at the beginning and proposed the vote of thanks at the concluding ceremony. Shri Sharad Joshi and other faculty members actively participated in the conference. The students of Jyotirvid and Jyotirvisharada courses, researchers, ex-students of Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati as well as lovers of astrology, in large number, attended this conference.
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