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    About the book:Ramayana and Mahabharata, the two most important Hindu epics have been retold in brief in this book. It is written in a simple language so that every reader can understand and absorb it, even those not familiar with Hinduism and the epics. Brief explanations are also given wherever necessary
    More details: This is a book in three parts, the first one is devoted to the beautiful story of Rama and Sita, their happiness and their travails. Most of the stories associated with the epic have also been incorporated in a simple and brief language. The birth of Rama and his brothers, his marriage with Sita, his banishment into the forest, capture of Sita by Rakshasa Ravana and the final battle between Rama and Ravana is told beautifully. The second part tells the story of the Pandavas and the Kauravas and the Kurukshetra war. How the cousins fought and the tricks they used, the help they got from relatives and friends, and how Bhagwad Gita, the gem of Hindu religion was born. Bhagvad Gita forms the third part of the book and Shri Krishna’s gospel is told to readers in a lucid and simplified maner.

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    Rathna Rao
    Rathna Rao has written several stories in Kannada that have been published by magazines like Sudha, Mayura and Kasturi. She has also translated books from Hindi into Kannada. Born and brought up in Bangalore, she lived with her husband in New Delhi and now divides her time between her children in USA and IndiaShe has been a popular author of stories in Kannada which have been published in Sudha, Mayura and Kasturi.