About the book:The present volume by Vaidya V. M. Gogte is a timely reminder to all pharmacologist and physicians that the men of renaissance lead us to intelligient correlation between ancient intuitive insights and modern discoveries of science.
More details: This book contains the fundamentals of Ayurvedic Pharmacology and properties and uses of medicinal plants. The first part of this volume, in 284 pages, deals lucidly with the basic principles and concepts of Ayurveda and Dravyagunavignyan. The sketches of 386 medicinal plants along with their names, habitat, botanical description, Ayurvedic properties, pharmacology, formulations, dosages, medications etc.

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Vaidya V. M. Gogte
The author had the good fortune to be born as a son of Vaidya Mahadev Hari Gogte, in a long family tradition of Ayurveda. He had academic experience, as a teacher in Ayurveda, of over five decades, He lived in areas where tribal medicine abounds and enriched himself by the field experience of extensive tracks in the hills, with experts on medicinal plants. Hence he had a cumulative experience and health-wisdom of half-a-century, which he shared with the world, through his textbook.