About the book:Sree Narayana Guru was one of the great social reformers of India. This book introduces to the readers, the great personality who had brought about revolutionary changes in the social fabric of Kerala and makes the readers familiar with the prevailing social conditions of those days.
More details: Breaking the fetters of orthodoxy and tradition, Sree Narayana Guru consecrated temples as a challenge to existing Aryan Temples and engaged low caste people as priests and archakas in his temples. This revolutionary step generated a new wave of awareness in the society of Kerala. The so-called low caste people got a fresh impetus to derive self respect and self confidence. But the Guru knew that just worshipping in a temple would not dispel backwardness. That is why aa his temples for worship, have been made temples of knowledge also. He worked incessantly for the spread of education. Today the State of Kerala stands in the forefront in literacy, public health, land reforms and women’s education. The modern society of Kerala is progressive and enlightened. It is Sree Narayana Guru who laid the foundation for this. The Guru was neither a sociologist nor just a philosopher. He was one who converted philosophy into practical action. He had imbibed the spirit of Advaitha Philosophy and made use of it for spiritual sublimation as well as social justice and welfare. This achievement of objectifying an abstract theory and establishing it through practical results is unique. This book deals with the later part of it, the social aspect.
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Sathya Bai Sivadas, P. Prabhakara Rao
The authors, Smt. Sathyabai Sivadas and Sri Prabhakara Rao (husband and wife) are both retired and Smt. Sathyabai is involved with the activities of Sree Narayana Educational and Cultural Society of Hyderabad. Both of them actively participate in any endeavour intended to promote communal harmony and ensure social justice.