About the book:This edition gives Lord Vishnuís different names with translations and explanations in English. It is ideal for todayís youth in India and abroad. Daily chanting of Lord Vishnuís names bring joy and peace and is excellent for oneís well being.The verses are in printed in English and so also the meanings.
More details: The concept of naama-japa can be traced to the Vedas where one truth is described as many names. Later the naama paaraayana inspired sthothras with 108,300,100 names of God. The sacred prayer of the thousand names has Vedha-Vyasa as the head, Anusthup as the metrical system and Mahaa Vishnu(or Sriman Naraayana ) as the heart. Its seed is the Moon, its efficacy is from Krishnaa, the son of Devaki, Who has His conch, His sword and His discus always with Him. His bow and His mace represent the four directions.

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