About the book:This scholarly book is a study of the spirit of Asian Art in both performing and fine forms. It is a unified study in which different areas of the subject are brought together.
More details: Geographically the scope of this book extends to many regions of South-East Asia, especially Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. Artistically it covers Indian, Tibetan and Balinre dance forms. And in terms of philosophy it highlights the continuity in Hindu and Buddhist thought. It serves a s a window of the substratum of Asian ethos as represented in the arts, and then offers the reader an insight into the unexplored realms of Asian Art and thought. Photographic plates, a glossary of Sanskrit terms with their meaning, and the notes on references at the end add greatly to the value of the work.
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Radhika Srinivasan
Radhika Srinivasan is a writer who has been a leading figure for several years in Singapores Arts and Literacy scene.