About the book:This critical study of the Ramayana discusses the various versions of this great epic that are current not only in various Indian languages but also in various regions of South-East Asia.
More details: The scope of the wide-ranging discussion in the book is indicated by the authorís opening assertion that the textual problem posed by the Ramayana is so serious that it is said there are many Ramayanas as there are manuscripts. Many manuscripts contain passages that are not to be found in others, and they also differ as regards the arrangement of the cantoes, verses and even words. So various reductions of the epic have been discussed here. The book also gives an overview of how the Rama legend has been adopted into the lore of other religions. All in all, this is a useful guide for the serious student of the Ramayana.

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M. R. Yardi
M.R. Yardi was an ICS officer who served in various high positions in Maharashtra and also at the centre. He was a Sanskrit Scholar and was the Founder-Chairman, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune.