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    About the book:The Kindle Edition of this book is available on www.amazon.com History, archaeology, prayers, beliefs, myths, legends all form part of this book on the famous temple of Somnatha. The old temple was in ruins and a new construction was announced by Sardar Valabhbhai Patel on November 13, 1947. This book contains the details of the new construction as well as the history of the old one.
    More details: It was due to Munshiji’s indefatigable efforts that this shrine rose up again like the Phoenix. Hence this book has been written straight from the heart with all emotions and passion. Thousands of people visit the Somnatha Temple in Saurashtra. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is at Prabhasa on the southern coast of Saurashtra. Kulapati has traced not only the history of this place but also of the country since pre historic times. Lord Somnatha was worshipped even five thousand years ago in the Indus Valley as Pashupati. Maps, sketches and photographs speak volumes of the shrine at Somnatha while Kulapati has put in words the story of the Lord. Not only has the author personally visited and studied the temple and the area thoroughly, he has researched and collected material for this book from Hindu and Muslim chroniclers and added them to the book.

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    K. M. Munshi
    Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi, Kulapati and the main person behind the Bhavan's books was a very versatile person. He was an eminent lawyer, one of the framer's of the Indian Constitution, and a seasoned statesman. K M Munshi was influenced by Sri Aurobindo and was an ardent freedom fighter, working with Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Tilak, Annie Besant, Jinnah and others. He was the Home Minister of Bombay, India's Food Minister, Governor of Uttar Pradesh, India's Agent General at Hyderabad. Acknowledged as the foremost writer in Gujarati in his times, his contribution to literature is vast. He wrote novels, dramas, memoirs, history and historical novels in Gujarati and English.